Van Partitions & Bulkhead Dividers

The first step to organizing is right behind your seat!

There’s just something neat about a new work van – all that free space waiting to be organized and structured to make it “just right” for you and how you handle the job. First things first, though – no matter what you’re going to do in the back, you need to consider what sort of bulkhead or partition you’re going to use.

You HAVE to do it for safety, but just as importantly, you NEED to do it to give you the most effective use of space in your van. At Expertec, we know how to make both happen. Whether you need to keep access open to the passenger area, create shelving for tools and an in-van office, or simply provide a safety barrier, we’ve got what you need. We carry partitions and bulkhead dividers from Weather Guard, Ranger Design, and even custom-built designs from our in-house team, so no matter what size or shape partition you need, we’ve got you covered.

One of the most important purchases new van owners must make is that of a bulkhead partition, and Ranger Design and Weather Guard make some of the best.  These units are custom-fit to your application and can be had with glass windows, walk-through access, doors, and even sliding doors.  Remember, the Partition is where any customizing and upfitting process starts, because it allows you to dictate the best layout for the rest of the floorplan!

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