Van Flooring and Interior Lining

Working from the bottom up to create the space you need

One of the first practical upgrades any work van often needs is liners for the floors and walls.  Not only do they reduce noise, they protect your investment and help keep tools and cargo from moving while driving.  At the same time, in our extreme weather conditions, the right floor interior insulation can help to keep your work van cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter – a critical concern when your van doubles as a shop and workspace!

At Expertec, decades of experience have shown that there are two leaders in how you can handle the challenge of van flooring, wall lining – Ranger Design and Legend Fleet. Our partnerships with these great companies has proven time and again that customized products and professional installation can yield a work van that is perfect for your needs and lasts far longer than you ever imagined.

Van Flooring

The first thing to understand about flooring for your work van is that Expertec gives you far more options than some generic, do-it-yourself kit.  Every one of our liners is custom-molded to the exact specifications of your van and your needs.

While many upfitters simply drop in a rubber mat and call it custom, Expertec helps you determine the best flooring for your usage:  Do you need a rigid liner?  Loading rails?  A softer composite to protect cargo or provide the highest level of safe footing?  We take the time to understand how you work to provide a solution that can work for you and how you’ll use your van.

Cargo Van Flooring

Wall, Ceiling and Door Liners

The most neglected places on any work or cargo van are the walls and the ceilings.  Expertec knows that an “outside in” plan is the one that makes any van more comfortable and helps retain value over the life of your investment, so we always recommend interior panel liners, no matter how a van will be used.

The advantages are many – a quieter ride, better temperature control, and, of course, a more finished look for your van.  Even better?  The Duratherm material that these panels are made from is incredibly lightweight, so you don’t trade off valuable payload capacity for any of these benefits – or lose any fuel economy!

Interior Wall, Ceiling & Door Liners for Vans
Van Wall Lining, Ceiling Lining and Door Liners