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Commercial Van Equipment Solutions

Expertec has been a leader in work van outfitting for years, providing custom space and functionality for commercial vans across Western Canada.  We offer the largest inventory of commercial van equipment and accessories in Alberta, The diversity of products and the capacity of our shops means quick lead turnaround times on projects and a wider selection to choose from.

Work Van Outfitting & Shelving Packages

We have produced custom van outfitting and shelving packages for a variety of industries such as electrical, contractors, HVAC and plumbing trades, municipal support vehicles and various commercial vans. Our high quality van up-fitting/outfitting and upgrading has made us the top choice for large company fleets and small contractor operations.

We provide innovative van shelving, Van dividers, ladder racks and storage solutions that will transform your vehicle into a cost & time saving machine. We have been serving the commercial automotive outfitting industry for over 35 years and are trusted by local tradesman and commercial fleet operators to address their unique business needs.

Conveniently located in two locations  in the City of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta – Expertec has offices, showrooms and clutter-free work shops to help you choose the perfect van equipment for your business. Our friendly team of commercial outfitters are one phone call away to guide you pick the right van equipment to help make your work vehicle safe, convenient and organized.

Helping our clients increase their Productivity, Efficiency, and Company Image!

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Which ladder rack is best for my needs?

Choosing the right ladder rack can be a daunting task given that there are so many options on the market. There are 5 main types of racks: Utility cargo racks with basic cross bars, Quick Clamp racks for ladders, Drop down ladder racks for high roof vans and service bodies, Interior ladder racks to secure your ladders inside the vehicle, and Side mount ladder racks.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself when selecting a rack for your service vehicle:

  1. What will I be carrying? What size / type of ladders and how many? What supplies and other tools will I need to secure on the rack?
  2. How often will I be removing / replacing the ladders and supplies from the rack?
  3. How tall is my vehicle? Do I want to access my ladder and cargo from the ground or by climbing onto my vehicle?
  4. Do I have the space to store ladders inside my vehicle?

Once you have the answers to these questions your choices will be narrowed down, making your decision easier.

Do I need a safety partition or bulkhead divider in my cargo van?

Safety partitions or bulkhead dividers are the most important item in your van upfit. They separate you from your cargo and tools providing a barrier in the event of a sudden stop or turn. They also isolate you from noise and heat / cold that comes from the cargo area of your vehicle. This is one of the first items you will need to decide on when planning your new van outfit.

There are 7 types of safety partitions: Contoured with or without window, Straight, Walk Through, Swing Door, Sliding Door and Wire Mesh. Most of these are available in Aluminum or Steel.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting your safety partition are: Do I have rear windows in my van? Do I want natural light in the cargo area? Do I need access through the partition? Do I need air flow / ventilation between the driver and cargo area?

Should I use a standard shelving package or design my own custom package for my new service van?

The shelving or racking configuration in your service vehicle ultimately determines your productivity and efficiency. A little extra thought in the design of your interior shelving package will reward you every day throughout the life of your service truck or van.

Standard shelving packages are a great place to start as they have been designed, tried, tested, and proven by tradesmen and contractors that know the benefits first hand.

You can then modify or customize the standard package to suit your specific needs. As you design and plan your shelving layout think about how often you use each tool or part, how valuable and secure your cargo needs to be, and how each item affects the weight distribution of your load. It is well worth confiding in an experienced advisor during this stage of your planning.