Van Equipment Solutions

Commercial van outfitters providing professional van equipment upfitting services

Expertec has been a leader in cargo and commercial van upfitting services for years, providing custom space and functionality for vans across Western Canada.  We offer the largest inventory of commercial van equipment and accessories in Alberta and BC. The diversity of products and the capacity of our shops means quick lead turnaround times on projects and a wider selection to choose from.

We have produced custom van outfitting and shelving packages for a variety of industries such as electrical, contractors, HVAC and plumbing trades, municipal support vehicles and various commercial vans. Our high quality van upfitting solutions have made us the top choice for large company fleets and small contractor operations.

We provide innovative van shelving, partitions, ladder racks and storage solutions that will transform your vehicle into a cost & time saving machine. We have been serving the commercial vehicle outfitting industry for over a decade and are trusted by local tradesman and commercial fleet managers to address their unique business needs.

With 3 locations in Alberta and BC (Edmonton, Calgary and Abbotsford) – Expertec has offices, showrooms and clutter-free work shops to help you choose the perfect van equipment for your business. Our friendly team of van outfitters are one phone call away to guide you pick the right van equipment to help make your work vehicle safe, convenient and organized.