SpaceKap Shelving Packages

Shelving Solutions for the Best Slip In Bodies on the Planet

No matter what SpaceKap you are using, the Compak, Wild, or Diablo, Expertec has you covered with the shelving you need to get the job done. Partnering with Ranger Design, SpaceKap has developed special shelving package options based on your specific jobsite requirements.  For more information about the different SpaceKap models, please visit our SpaceKap Slip-In Service Body page.

SpaceKap Diablo Shelving Packages

SpaceKap Diablo Shelving

The SpaceKap Diablo might be the most functional slide-in service body ever built, and now Expertec is offering four specially-designed shelving packages by Ranger Design to make it even better.

The Diablo Contractor package makes great use of the headroom in the Diablo, offering four shelves on either side plus another half shelf at the bottom of each.  Even better?  These shelves can be custom-configured to your needs to make sure that everything you need to store on them fits and stays exactly where you want it.  One of the most important things we’ve done in designing these is to make sure that every shelving unit stays quiet.  No squeaks, no rattles, and a place for everything.

The Diablo Plumber and Electrician package uses a similar 4 shelf organization strategy on one side but provides more space with only three shelves on the other.  The driver side also has a built-in tool cabinet to provide lockable storage.  The real advantage, though, is that this setup maximizes cargo space – especially if transporting conduit or pipe (up to 10 feet long) is a part of the job.

The Diablo HVAC package is another purpose-built solution that has been designed with the HVAC specialist in mind.  Ample storage can be configured to store nearly any sized refrigerant bottle inside and with optional bin shelving, built in toolboxes, regular divided shelves and a nosecone section at the front helps hold even more.

The Diablo Workstation system may be the most efficient shelving unit ever built.  The passenger side features four levels of shelves and six on the driver’s side.  A full workstation is configured on the driver’s side to allow you to get the job done out of the weather.  The driver side shelving is designed to use bins for storage while the passenger side shelving can be configured with dividers to give you the custom storage you need.


SpaceKap Wild Shelving Packages

SpaceKap Wild Shelving

The SpaceKap Wild is an amazing piece of equipment by itself, but when you combine it and one of the four shelving options from Ranger Design, it can quickly become the most useful vehicle in the fleet.

The Wild Contractor has three shelves on either side of the slide-in service body PLUS a half shelf at the bottom. Even better? Every one of them can be configured exactly the way you need, giving you plenty of storage, no rattles, and a custom shelf. The result? A custom storage solution without a custom price.

The Wild Electrician and Plumber package may sound a little strange, but when you see how user friendly it is, you’ll understand. Expertec has taken the Wild Contractor package and added in a purpose-built cabinet on the end. This gives you lockable storage for tools and equipment and can replace that bulky toolbox that’s always in the way.

The Wild Electrician and Plumber package is also available with bins on one side. The addition of a 3-tier bin shelving unit that can be accessed through the side door and allows users easy access to their toolbox and parts storage. We’ve found that bin storage offers easy, at-a-glance verification to make sure that the parts you need are ready when you need them. No more opening random boxes looking for the part you’re sure is in here, somewhere!

The Wild HVAC package was designed with the HVAC Contractor in mind. On the driver side, you’ll find a purpose-built bottle holder for all the various gases and refrigerants that are called for today, while extra-deep shelving, bins, and e-tracks on each side make staying organized easy for HVAC specialists.

SpaceKap Wild HVAC Shelving Package

SpaceKap Compak Shelving Packages

SpaceKap Compak with Ranger Design Shelving Package

With 320-degree exterior access to the tools and gear in your Compak, Expertec makes it even easier with two unique packages perfectly designed for the real world.

The Compak Contractor adds two extra shelves on either side of the Compak to hold tools, equipment, and anything else you could need. The bottom shelf is 15 inches deep while the top shelf is 10 inches, allowing easy access while still saving valuable space. Especially useful are the additional hooks we’ve built into the back of the Contractor Package for extension cords, protective clothing, or whatever you need to hang up.

The Compak Electrician and Plumber package is purpose-built for those in the trades, with two heavy duty shelves on one side of the Compak and storage bins incorporated on the other side for all the small bits and pieces that tradesmen inevitably need. No more loose boxes of fittings falling over every time you need one

SpaceKap Compak Contractor Shelving