Utility Truck Bodies & Slip-In Service Bodies

One of the hallmarks of Expertec has always been to seek the solution that our clients need, not the one we think they should have.  Over the decades, that means that we have taken the time to find out what works and what doesn’t in service truck bodies, and our designs range from traditional cab-and-chassis mounts to custom slip-in caps that can be transferred from truck to truck.

The secret is to start with great materials and a clear understanding of what roles the truck is going to play in your company or fleet.  Just as importantly, we’ve standardized our construction with the durable materials that our clients demand – heavy-duty aluminum frames, double-skinned panels, powder coating all the surfaces, and only then do we start to look at all the options – from lighting, cargo accessibility, cargo control, and even shelving.

Slide-In Truck Bodies
Slide-In Service Bodies
Slip-In Service Bodies

Transferable Slip-In Service Bodies


As anyone in business knows, the more you have, the more you have to manage.  Expertec understands that the pickup truck is the king of the jobsite, but being able to get more out of that pickup often means that you need to create an enclosed space for storage, keeping cargo dry, or a workspace on-site.

With Expertec Slip-In Service Bodies, you have the ability to do all that with the custom solution your business needs and at the same time, easily transfer that cap from one truck to another.  Now, you can use your truck to do the job of a van and, in just a few minutes, convert it back into a pickup.

Spacekap Slip-in Truck Bodies

As an authorized dealer of Spacekap service bodies in Western Canada, we have dedicated an entire page to their complete line of slide-ins. Please click here to view our Spacekap slip-in bodies.

Utility Service Bodies


Let’s face it, the cab-and-chassis truck is the go-to vehicle to do work.  Of course, getting all the functionality you need for your company is a big part of that purchase and everyone knows that the right Utility Body is critical to success.  Expertec has been custom-building 9-foot utility beds for years and we know exactly what it takes to make our clients happy.

We start with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and then add a myriad of lockable storage to keep all your tools where you need them and secure.  At the same time, we make sure that all the surfaces are powder coated to protect against the elements and the jobsite.  Each one of our Service Bodies has a long list of custom options that our clients can choose and every one of these units is designed to fit the most popular pickups on the market.

Utility Service Truck Bodies
Utility Truck Bodies