Sage Oil Vac - Mobile Lubricant Exchange System

Finally, an easier way to handle lubrication and oil changes on the go and on the jobsite

Sage Oil created the mobile lubrication system used around the world a generation ago and for the last 20 years, they have been the standard by which all others have been judged. Providing multiple platforms from which customers can easily and economically manage oil and fluid changes on site instead of managing only to make a mess, the Sage Oil Vac family of oil exchange systems allows clean and easy maintenance and oil changes for heavy equipment and stationary engines well off the beaten path.

Sage Oil’s proprietary technology utilizes a vacuum instead of the traditional pumps to dramatically reduce environmental issues and make oil changes faster and more efficient. How fast? The fluid exchange rate can approach 15 gallons per minute and leaves old-fashioned hand operated pumps and independent waste oil containers in the dust.

Get more done faster and cleaner with a fully outfitted Sage Oil Vac from Expertec.

Sage Oil Vac Lube Skids

Lube Skids

The Lube Skid utilizing the Sage Oil Vac system is perfect for non-dedicated but still mobile platforms like crane trucks, service-bodied trucks, and even upfitted vans. Since the skids are fitted with forklift pockets and hard mounting points, one lube skid can be utilized in a variety of scenarios or even moved between vehicles with a very little time lost.

These Lube Skids offer a real value, due to the lighter design, but still utilizes the full benefits of the Sage Oil Vac fluid exchange system. They are perfect for light duty fleets, generators, and even mobile platforms that spend considerable time off-site. Even better? These Skids can be fitted with their own compressor or can be adapted to ones currently in use by the customer.

As with all of Sage Oil Vac’s pump-free designs, the Lube Skids offer low maintenance as well as long service life – in fact, these are estimated at over 10 years!

Lube Bodies

At Expertec, we’ve been designing and outfitting dedicated vehicles for work for a generation and if large-scale fleet servicing is a part of your business, you know that a mobile lubrication vehicle is critical for success. As a result of our partnership with Sage Oil Vac, we offer fully outfitted lube bodies for your needs in the field. Dependent on the chassis configuration and weight (5, 7 or 8 weight class), we can outfit you with multiple tank options from 30-600 gallons and fueling options up to 2,000 gallons.

The key to the success in this system is the Sage Oil Vac system built into every body. These tanks are all pump-free and instead rely on vacuum and pressure to handle the actual fluid exchange, giving users long life – up to ten or more years!

Most importantly, Expertec is able to offer multiple options for our Lube Bodies – Fuel and Lube, Lube only, and either an open or closed bed style. This means that no matter what your needs are, you can find a solution with Expertec and Sage Oil Vac. In fact, we can even custom tailor many other key points in your Lube Body – Power Take-Of (PTO), independent generator or compressor systems to reduce idle time and fuel consumption, and under-bed storage built exactly to your specifications.

Sage Oil Vac Lube Bodies
Sage Oil Vac Lube Trailers

Lube Trailers

For our customers looking for more mobility and capacity than our Lube Skids can offer but without the costs associated with a dedicated vehicle, Expertec introduces our Sage Oil Vac trailers. These offer a perfect solution for mobile off-site maintenance or on fixed assets in the field and keep your operation cleaner and more productive. The range of trailers we can outfit for you is as big or as small as you need, too, from a simple set up with twin 80 gallon tanks and the Sage Oil Vac system all the way up to a triple-axle 21,000 GVWR trailer that can easily handle a 1,000-gallon tank. No matter the size of the trailer you choose, every model meets the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) compliance standards and all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines.

In fact, dedicated lubrication and fluid exchange trailers like these are what launched the Sage brand years ago and Expertec continues that tradition today. Users find these trailer systems to be perfect for oil changes on stationary engines like irrigated agriculture, gas compression stations, peak power generators, standby power generators and any diesel engine application where the engine is not on wheels. Users can choose between open or enclosed trailer designs that allow a wide variation in load conditions, tongue and axle weight, and can be built to accommodate any road condition that you need, from highway to off road.

Lube Carts

What about the shop? Sure, having a “pit” or a lift to handle maintenance is great, but you may not have enough of them or you may be needing to handle oil changes on larger vehicles. Using Sage Oil Vac’s Lube Carts can help you to keep shop areas clean and clutter free and just as importantly, safer. Let’s be honest, a built-in lube system can cost a fortune and upkeep can cost at least as much, but one of our four lube cart designs can give you all the advantages of a bigger system without the costs.

Each of these lube carts allows your team to easily complete full fluid exchanges and with tanks that range from 20 to 120 gallons, you can roll them right where you need them and handle the whole job wherever in the shop you need to be. Lube Carts allow you to filter and reuse fluids or replace any fluid right from the cart. These are perfect for so many applications that we can’t even list them all, but they all utilize the Sage Oil Vac system to give you a long service life in your maintenance operation.

Sage Oil Vac Lube Carts