Van Shelving, Storage Units & Drawers

At Expertec, we’re committed to providing you with tough, durable solutions for upfitting and outfitting any vehicle.  Doing that means knowing what really works in a work van or truck and being able to customize vehicles for our clients quickly and economically. Our secret?  Great partners like Ranger Design. Ranger Design has made a reputation around the world for high-quality and long-lasting products for work and cargo vans and traditionally runs some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

When you combine that with two decades of upfitting experience at Expertec, you’ll have a customized work van on the job faster than you ever thought possible. Expertec has chosen Ranger Design for four great reasons and they are the same ones that you should always consider when the time comes to outfit a vehicle for the fleet or the jobsite:  Increased payload, a solid installation, speed of service, and durability. Ranger Design offers hundreds of products to completely customize any work or cargo van, from the floor to the roof, and here are some of the most popular products that our customers have deployed in their vehicles all over the country.

Ranger Design Van Shelving

With over 350 designs, Ranger’s permanently mounted van shelving units are custom-fit for commercial and cargo vans and can be fixed units or folding units.  These are among the most popular designs ever and have stood the test of time.

Units can be designed with bins, flat panels, lockable doors, folding shelves, and, most importantly, secure mounting to ensure the utmost in safety for your team on the road. Since these units are custom-contoured to fit the inner wall panel of many vans, you never have to worry about losing tools or parts behind them, which helps you to keep saving time and money.

Ranger Design Shelving
Ranger Design Van Shelves

Ranger Design Drawers

Ranger Design spent years perfecting high-quality drawers that look more at home on an expensive tool box in a shop than in a work van, but it’s true:  Ranger’s Van Drawers are a high-quality sliding drawer system that is available in a myriad of designs, no matter what your needs are.

Even better?  These are lockable, lightweight, and offer added security on the jobsite.

Ranger Design Drawers for Vans
Ranger Design Drawers

Ranger Design Storage Units

As important as shelving is for a work van, the real tradesman knows that being able to effectively store all the tools of trade is just as important.

Ranger also offers specialized storage units, such as bottle restraints, bins, refrigerant racks, and lockers for nearly any van on the market today and dozens of models from previous years.

These storage units also can include workbenches to ensure a clean and clutter free area to get the job done, no matter what it is.