Glass Racks for Vans & Trucks

Fully Customizable and Built to Last

Of all the racks that Expertec sells, none is so specific to one type of job as our selection of glass racks for trucks and vans. At the same time, Expertec, has long understood that providing our customers with the best tools for the job still means giving them options and our glass racks are no different.

Ford Transit Connect Glass Rack

Our flat glass racks are available for nearly every truck or work van and each one features galvanized steel mounting points coupled with aluminum posts, slats, and splash panels to save weight and preserve your payload capacity.  Even though our glass rack frames are custom designed for your specific vehicle, once installed, each one is fully customizable to make sure you can solve any glass problem your customer has.  Moving large panels?  Simply move the cleats on the vertical poles exactly where you need.  Installing a small window or mirror off site?  Move them down to give you exactly the support that panel needs for the trip to the job.

Just as importantly, every one of our glass racks is designed and built with aircraft-grade hardware that is virtually impossible to vibrate loose and that means that our glass racks don’t suffer from cracked welds like so many other racks.  Expertec also makes sure to provide multiple rubber bumpers so that every piece of your payload stays secure and undamaged.  

Toyota Tundra Glass Rack
Ford Transit Glass Rack

Every glass rack that Expertec sells combines the features we’ve learned that our glass installers and glaziers demand of their vehicle racks:

  • Full length Splash Panel and Fixed Wheel-Skirt
  • Aircraft-Grade Huck® mechanical fasteners used throughout
  • Removable front stop with rubber pads
  • Aluminum posts with 1″ vertical rubber padding full length
  • 5” deep ledge with dual pole settings and adjustable rubber pads
  • Aluminum horizontal slats with 2″ wide padding full length
  • Galvanized steel frame mount points
  • Full-length top mounts for all van and sprinter applications

Glass Racks for Trucks

Glass Racks for Vans