Flat Deck Truck Beds

It’s no secret that the flatbed is the king of the job site.  Whether installed as a standard bed, plumbed to allow the ability to use it as a dump bed, or a custom variation, flat deck truck bodies have been a hallmark of the Expertec upfitting process since we opened our doors over a decade ago.  The advantages of a truck flat deck are many – virtually limitless customizing options, increased durability, and higher retained value over the life of your truck.

At Expertec, we’ve done the research for you and our choice for the best decks in the world are simple – our partners at CM Truck Beds and Bedrock Truck Beds.

CM Truck Beds

CM Truck Beds is one of the best-known names in the aftermarket flat deck industry and offers loads of styles in both steel and aluminum.  Expertec’s partnership with CM goes back nearly to the founding of both companies.  Due to the constant research that CM does to make sure they have perfect-fitting decks for every truck, CM has long guaranteed to provide their customers with stability, innovation, and value no matter what CM Truck Bed they choose.   Not only does a CM deck look great, they are built to last – giving you durability and usability as well as the ability to haul trailers better than any truck body in the industry.

Bedrock Truck Beds have been leading innovation in the truck bed industry not because they have been around for decades, although they are a part of a century-old group of companies, but by offering simple but critical solutions such as adjustable headache racks, plug and play wiring adapters and pre-assembled installation kits.  One of the key reasons that Expertec choose to partner with Bedrock was the confidence they show in their craftsmanship – they offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile comprehensive warranty.  Bedrock has proven that after a hard day’s work, you’ll come to appreciate the dependability and durability of the right Flatbed.

Bedrock Truck Beds

The Expertec Difference?  The truck bed you need, not just the bed that fits…

Over the years, we’ve installed, built, or customized hundreds of flat decks, dump bodies and bale decks.  In all that time, with all those flat deck truck beds, we’ve come to realize there are three primary styles for our flat bed clients and dozens of ways we can set those up to be the perfect upgrade for a truck including headache racks, lighting, hitches, and storage.  We know how to help you to get everything you need for your next flat deck, no matter what style you need.

Traditional Truck Flat Deck

Traditional Truck Flat Decks are exactly what most of us think about when we see a flat deck truck on the jobsite.  Built out of tough steel or lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, these decks offer plenty of ways to haul what you need exactly how you need it, but, as experts in customizing, Expertec helps you to take these to the next level with LED lighting, heavy-duty hitches, headache racks, and the extra storage capacity that many flatbeds are lacking.

Pickup Truck Dump Body

Pickup Dump Beds might be the single most effective way to double the abilities of any truck.  Retaining all the functionality of the traditional flat deck, the dump body can have the “knockdown” sides for hauling or they can be removed for more traditional flatbed uses.  In either case, adding a dump bed to a traditional pickup gives you the best of both worlds – increased functionality, easy drivability, and a huge time savings – on the jobsite or in the field. 

Truck Bale Decks

Pickup Bale Decks might seem like a trivial product to specialize in, but the first time you try one, you’ll never want to haul or move hay with a trailer again.  At Expertec, we know how important the right tool is for the job, so we have found the best bale decks in the world to solve this problem.  Built tough to stand up to even the heaviest wet bale, our decks use engine-driven pumps and remote control systems to give you the ability to load right from the cab and easily move thousands of pounds of hay in one trip and with one person.  Save time, save money, keep your feet dry and stay warm!