Truck Outfitting Accessories

Accessories for Your Commercial & Industrial Vehicles

At Expertec, we take the extra effort to offer turnkey solutions and complete packages to help you get your fleet to work quickly.  The goal is to outfit your work truck or van into a proficient service vehicle, operating as autonomously and effectively as possible.  From standard safety kits and lighting packages to power inverters and auxiliary heaters, Expertec has the accessories to give your commercial vehicle the tools to get the job done right.  With new vehicle equipment innovation and a growing demand for efficiency and safety, we keep in touch with the current needs and trends of companies to completely outfit their fleets with even the smallest of details.

Featured Accessories

Go-Power Inverters



Our selection of Go-power inverters run high loads such as battery chargers, test equipments, high-surge corded tools and many other tools and appliances very efficiently. Compact, lightweight, and easy to install – a reliable source of power for your commercial vehicle. These high quality inverters are an ideal choice for your fleet vehicles & utility trucks.

GP-SW3000 Watts
GP-SW2000 Watts
GP-SW1500 Watts
GP-SW1000 Watts
GP-SW600 Watts
GP-SW300 Watts
GP-SW150 Watts

Whelen Super-LED® Light Bars



TLIA T-Series Linear Super-LED®

VTX609A Vertex™ Super-LED® Light

WHELEN Super-LED® Beacons

The L31HAF LED beacon provides extreme versatility, featuring multiple mounting options and high and low dome models.

• 4″ (102mm) H x 7 3/16″ (182mm) W
• UV coated dome
• Powder-coated cast aluminum base
• 100% solid-state
• Full reverse polarity protection
• Five year warranty

R-295 Auxiliary Heater (Double Blower)

The R-295 Auxiliary heater is a rugged 35,000 BTU/hr heater with double blowers for maximum airflow.

• Airflow: 430 CFM
• 12 VDC
• Fitting floor/rear exit
• Weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg)
• 16 amps @ 13.6 VDC (high speed), 7 amps @ 27.2 VDC (high speed)

Expertec offers 2 types of air heaters; “Coolant heaters” that use coolant from the vehicles engine to flow through a heater core with a 12V fan to circulate the air. Or Espar “Fuel Fired” heaters that burn fuel from your vehicles fuel tank and circulate the air like a forced air furnace. Coolant Heaters require no maintenance and are great value but require the vehicles engine to be idling to produce heat. Fuel fired heaters are more expensive and require periodic maintenance but allow you to heat your vehicle without running the engine. This means that the fuel fired heaters are more efficient and give you the option of 24 hour warmth. Please contact us to learn more about your options…

Other work van & truck accessories include:

  • LED Work Lighting
  • Safety Kits
  • External Heaters
  • Emergency & Safety Lighting
  • 12 & 24V Boosters
  • Generators
  • Rolling Cargo Beds
  • Positive Air Shut Offs
  • Drawer Units
  • Hose Reels
  • Ramps

If you require a custom accessory installed in your work truck, van, or SUV please use the request a quote button, send us a quick message or call us.