Red Dot and Espar Heaters – Taking the Chill Off
Red Dot and Espar Vehicle Heaters - Thumbnail
Red Dot and Espar Heaters – Taking the Chill Off
October 15, 2019

There’s no doubt about it, Fall is here and with it, the cold winds of winter are right around the corner.  The nice things about today’s trucks and vans is the manufacturers have done an amazing job of creating climate control systems that truly do allow a level of comfort for drivers and operators never […]

Legend Fleet Flooring, Wall, Door and Ceiling Liners
Legend Fleet Solutions – The Finishing Touch You Don’t See
September 3, 2019

One of the key factors in any upfitting job, be it a truck, a van, or an entire fleet of vehicles, is how seamlessly all the components flow together.  At Expertec, we learned a long time ago that any installation worth doing is not only worth doing right, it’s also worth adding all the finishing […]

The Lowdown on Flat Beds - Thumbnail
The Lowdown On Flat Beds
August 8, 2019

Call them whatever you want, flat beds, truck beds or flat decks, the truth is, they are nearly perfect for trucks that do real work.  At Expertec, we’ve been installing, building, and accessorizing flat beds for years and the current trends in trucks allow fleet managers and tradesmen to finally use all the space they […]