A Decade of Service for Expertec’s Rod Ridewood
10 Year Work Anniversary for Expertec's Rod Ridewood
A Decade of Service for Expertec’s Rod Ridewood
January 23, 2019

In any business, no matter how successful, it’s easy to forget the men and women who have dedicated years of service to their company.  All too often, long term employees are relied upon for their skills but rarely celebrated. At Expertec, we don’t do that.  In fact, we’re here today to celebrate! Our Sales Team […]

Working Through Severe Cold Snaps
January 18, 2019

Cold, snowy, windy conditions are the norm this time of year and while we all look forward to the stray Chinook, if you work in the trades or out of a vehicle, it’s a sure bet that you’ll deal with severe weather sooner rather than later.  The biggest threat, despite what the local weatherman might […]